Zinsser Wallpaper Cover-Up

About this product:

Zinsser Wallpaper Cover-Up the smart way to paint over wallpaper. All-in-one primer, sealer & stain block – a high hiding primer that obliterates wallpaper print with a smooth matt off-white finish. Use under any coloured emulsion.

Technical Information

Touch Dry

2-4 hours


4 hour


5-8m² per litre



Key Benefits

  • Obliterates wallpaper print
  • Prevents blistering of wallpaper
  • Blocks water soluble stains

Product Information

  • Sizes


Application Method

Stir thoroughly before use. Apply when the temperature is between 10-30o C to ensure proper drying. Best results are achieved by roller application – Use a short pile (up to 5mm) mohair or microfibre roller. Apply evenly and avoid overspreading. If applying by brush, load generously and avoid overspreading. For very dark wallpapers or those which have a contrasting print, obliteration can be improved by using a ‘wet on wet’ rollering technique. 15-30 minutes after application, roll over the applied surface again using a lightly loaded roller.