Polycell Quick Drying Polyfilla Spray

About this product:

A unique application method within the Polyfilla range that makes repairing hairline cracks and minor surface imperfections on smooth interior walls fast and easy. The Polyfilla Spray has been specially developed to provide a less-mess formulation – simply spray it on and smooth off.

Technical Information




2 minutes

Tools required

Filling knife

Key Benefits

  • Fast and effortless application
  • Simply spray on & smooth off
  • Paint ready in 2 minutes
  • For use on hairline cracks and minor surface imperfections

Product Information

  • Sizes

    300ml aerosol

Application Method

Make sure the surface and the crack are dry and free of loose particles. Shake can vigorously until the shaker ball is heard, then shake for another 10 seconds. Before applying to the wall, spray the product for about 3 seconds onto a rag or similar to get rid of any excess propellant. Remove the cap, hold the can upright and spray lightly halfway onto the crack. Work the filler well into the crack with a filling knife, smooth off removing any excess filler and allow to dry for 2 minutes. If further smoothing is required, rub down with fine sandpaper, otherwise, the surface is now ready to paint. After use, hold the can upside down and spray onto a rag or similar for 3 seconds to empty the valve of remaining filler and prevent future blockage.