Polycell Multi Purpose Exterior Polyfilla Powder

About this product:

A tough exterior filler which is suitable for all exterior filling jobs. It sets in 60 minutes to a grey weatherproof finish that will accept bolts and screws and will not shrink or crack.

Technical Information

Tools required

Eye protection, gloves, filling knife, mixing tub and sandpaper

Drying Time

1 hour

Key Benefits

  • Tough weatherproof formulation
  • Sets in 60 minutes
  • Accepts bolts and screws
  • Will not shrink or crack

Product Information

  • Sizes


Application Method

Mix approximately 4 1/2 parts filler to 1 part water. For very porous surfaces use slightly more water and moisten the area before application. Mix to a smooth paste (remains workable for 15 minutes). Fill slightly proud, then smooth level with the surrounding surface before it sets.