Hammerite Radiator Enamel Aerosol

About this product:

With no primer required prior to use and its quick drying properties, this paint saves valuable time. This product is for special surfaces / heat.  Ideal for fire surrounds, boilers, pipework and anywhere a high temperature paint is required. Available in both Satin and Gloss finishes.

Technical Information

Drying Time

2 hours


15 minutes





Key Benefits

  • Prevents yellowing
  • Tough and durable
  • Long lasting, but still easy to use

Product Information

  • Sizes

    400ml Aerosol

  • Finish


  • Colours


Application Method

If the radiator has recently been in use, ensure it has cooled entirely before beginning. To get the best finish, rub down the radiator with sandpaper and remove all dust and debris afterwards. If you are painting a bare radiator, use an anti-rust primer on the bare metal. If the radiator is being painted whilst on the wall, ensure that the wall behind and floor underneath are fully covered. Take care not to paint over any valves or knobs in case you accidentally seal them with the paint. Once you have applied the paint with a good quality brush, leave it to dry thoroughly for a few days before turning the radiator on to harden the surface.