Gyproc Easifill Filler 10KG

About this product:

Gyproc Easi-Filler is an easy to mix, lightweight, quick setting filler, which makes it ideal for small patching repairs. The gypsum-based material offers combined setting and air-drying characteristics and, due to the binder level, it enables the product to have great adhesion, whether the product is applied thinly or in-depth. Due to its lightweight composition, it minimises shrinkage during drying, whilst offering high coverage. Once dry, the product is easy to sand enabling a smooth finish which can be easily decorated.

Technical Information


Up to 4m2/kg

Water requirement

Approx. 650ml per 1kg


45 minutes


70 minutes

Key Benefits

  • Ideal for small repairs
  • Ideal for larger damaged areas where more depth is required
  • Great for general filling
  • Quick setting

Product Information

  • Sizes

    5 x 1kg sachets

Application Method

Apply Gyproc Easi-Filler to the area, ensuring that it is ‘feathered out’ on the edges. It may be necessary to apply more than one coat. Gyproc Easi-Filler can be over-coated, even when it’s not entirely dry, although it must have set. Once the previous coat has set, simply carry out the same process ensuring that the material is ‘feathered out’ at least 50mm beyond the edge of the previous coat.