Everbuild Anchorset Red 380P

About this product:

Anchorset 380P is a two part polyester rapid cure chemical anchor system for setting bolts, studs and anchor plates into most structures. High performance in both solid and hollow applications. Complete with mixer nozzle 10 to 1 Co-Axil mix cartridge. For use with Anchorset Gun.

Technical Information

Curing Time

Up to 120 minutes

Key Benefits

  • High performance
  • Robust twin pack
  • Rapid curing system
  • Great for concrete, solid or hollow masonry and solid rock

Product Information

  • Colour


  • Size


Application Method

Attach the mixing nozzle to the cartridge (screw down hand tight). Place cartridge into the Anchorset dispensing gun. Open the cartridge by pressing the green end of the colour coded valve. Gradually pressurise the cartridge by activating the hand trigger a few times until material passes through the mixing nozzle. Stop pressurising and allow the material to flow until an even colour is obtained (approximately 5-6 inches of extruded material should be adequate). Press the red end to close the valve. Insert the nozzle into the base of the hole. Open valve again by pressing the green end and activate the trigger, withdraw the nozzle slowly as the hole fills. Once the required fill is achieved shut off the valve and wipe off excess material. Insert the fixing slowly with a rotating action to the desired depth. Once all applications have been carried out, release the pressure by pressing the slide release arm on the back of the trigger stop and pulling back the slide rail.