Bartoline Ready Mixed Wallcovering Adhesive

About this product:

Bartoline Ready Mixed Wallcovering Adhesive has been specially formulated for professional use with luxury vinyl (both paper and fabric backed), textiles, hessians, polystyrene tiles, polystyrene coving and polystyrene veneers. It provides high initial tack with good slip properties and powerful final adhesion. It is recommended for use with most wallpaper brands.

Technical Information


Approx. 5m2/kg

Key Benefits

  • Ready to use
  • Super-smooth
  • Easily applied
  • Strong grab and easy slide properties

Product Information

  • Sizes

    10kg, 5kg, 2.5kg, 1kg

Application Method

To open: break seal and lift lid. Always follow the wallcovering manufacturer’s instructions. Unless the wallcovering instructions indicate otherwise, apply Bartoline Wallcovering Adhesive to the reverse of the wallcovering, ensuring complete and even coverage. Apply by brush, roller or finely notched spatula. Avoid getting adhesive on the patterned side of the paper.