Zinsser SealCoat™

About this product:

SealCoat™ is the perfect sanding sealer because it penetrates the surface, dries quickly and gives a rich tone to wood surfaces.

Technical Information

Touch Dry

10 minutes


20-30 minutes


Up to 50m² per litre

Key Benefits

  • Compatible with clear wood finishes
  • Great for sealing interior wood, including floors
  • Fast drying
  • Does not darken or yellow with age
  • Can be used with pre-stain

Product Information

  • Sizes


Application Method

Brush application: For best results use a natural bristle brush. Apply a full brush load of Sealcoat to the surface using full, even strokes, brushing back into the wet material to maintain a wet edge. Do not over brush or brush back into material once it becomes tacky.

Wiping application: Use a lint free cloth. Pour or brush a liberal quantity of Sealcoat onto the surface and quickly work into the wood with brush, making sure sealer soaks thoroughly into any open or end grain. Wipe away any excess with cloth and stop wiping when surface becomes tacky. For vertical surfaces pour Sealcoat onto cloth and wipe over the wood. If the wood is stained, a second application may be needed to avoid sanding through the sealer and the stain.

Spray application: May be spray applied using conventional, HVLP systems, or airless. Use a .011 to .013 tip and 800 – 1000 psi for airless spray application. Follow equipment manufacturer’s instructions.