Zinsser Gardz®

About this product:

A unique water-based sealer for porous and potential problem surfaces. Formulated to deeply penetrate and dry to a hard, moisture resistant film that seals and binds down porous, chalky and crumbling surfaces, paints and textured finishes.

Technical Information

Touch Dry

30 minutes


3 hours


5-10² per litre

Key Benefits

  • Repairs torn paper on damaged drywall, eliminates bubbles
  • Seals old wallpaper adhesive
  • Water-based, low odour, dries clear
  • Dries fast to a hard, moisture-proof film
  • Binds down chalky surfaces

Product Information

  • Sizes

    5lt, 2.5lt, 1lt, 500ml

Application Method

Stir well before using. Do not thin. Using a brush, medium nap roller or sprayer, apply Gardz liberally to the entire surface to ensure good penetration. Do not over-apply or coating will sag. Gardz appears milky blue-white during application but dries-water clear; properly sealed surfaces should have a uniform sheen when viewed at an angle. Reapply to areas that have been missed or not sufficiently coated.