Zinsser B-I-N®

About this product:

B-I-N® is the ultimate primer, sealer and stain killer. It offers unparalleled adhesion on any surface without sanding and has the hiding power to conceal the toughest of stains.

Technical Information

Touch Dry

15 minutes


45 minutes


12.5m² per litre

Key Benefits

  • Dries in minutes
  • Superior adhesion to glossy surfaces without scuff sanding
  • High-hiding formula blocks stubborn and persistent stains
  • Seals porous surfaces
  • Permanently blocks every kind of odour

Product Information

  • Sizes

    5lt, 2.5lt, 1lt, 500ml, aerosol

Application Method

Shake or stir before using. Eliminate all sources of ignition. In most cases only one coat is necessary to prime most surfaces. If excessive absorption occurs over very porous substrates a second coat may be necessary. Spot priming is recommended only under high-hiding topcoat paints. For best results prime entire surface before painting. Keep container closed when not in use. Do not thin this product.