Tikkurila Ultra Primer

About this product:

Stir the Ultra Primer carefully before use and thin with water max. 10%, if necessary. Apply with a brush or an airless spray gun. Treat the end grains of the wood with particular care. Finishing painting is recommended to be performed as soon as possible after priming; however, after 10 months at the latest.

Technical Information

Touch Dry

1 hour


2-4 hours


Up to 9m2/litre



Key Benefits

  • High performance
  • Microporous
  • Stain blocking
  • Flexible

Product Information

  • Sizes


Application Method

Before painting stir the paint thoroughly and if necessary thin with water, up to 5%. Prime unpainted wall and ceiling surfaces with one coat of Tikkurila Optiva Primer. Application of finishing coat should be performed after min. 4 hours.