Tikkurila Filler Stopper (Lakkakitti)

About this product:

Alkyd filler for interior and dry exterior surfaces, smoothing and filling wood, wood-fibre board, chipboard and metal surfaces according to the directions for use. Ideal for use with latex, alkyd, oil and catalyzed paints. The surface is easy to dry, wet, sand and scrape.

Technical Information

Drying Time

30 minutes - 3 hours

Key Benefits

  • Interior and dry exterior use
  • Smooths and fills
  • Ideal for traditional restoration works

Product Information

  • Sizes

    1lt, 330ml

Application Method

Apply directly onto wood, chipboard, wood-fibre board or metal surfaces or on dry primer with a trowel. It is usually enough to only fill holes, irregularities and rough patches and level small areas. Lakkakitti does not normally need to be thinned for application by trowel. You can paint over Lakkakitti with primers and intermediate and finishing paints containing strong solvents, or with regular water-borne and solvent-borne paints.