Teknos Woodex Aqua Solid

About this product:

Water-borne, acrylate/alkyd-based opaque wood stain for outdoor use. To be used for the renewed treatment of old, faded wood stain surfaces, and also when a uniform colour is desired on old and new wood stain surfaces. Suitable also for use on new and press-impregnated wood.

Technical Information

Drying Time

12 hours


12 hours


Up to 10m2/litre


Semi matt

Key Benefits

  • Outdoor use
  • Use for renewed treatment of old, faded wood stain surfaces
  • Suitable for use on new and press-impregnated wood
  • Water-borne

Product Information

  • Sizes

    10lt, 3lt, 1lt

  • Colours


Application Method

Before use stir the paint thoroughly. The paint is thinned with water 5 – 15 % by volume when needed. Dilution somewhat slows down the drying of the paint and hence eases the application in warm weather. Dilution may, however, impair the coverage of the paint. In order to avoid colour differences when painting large uniform surfaces, paint of the same tinting batch should be used for the whole surface and/or mix sufficient amount of paint into the same vessel.

Apply Woodex Aqua Solid by brush. When spray painting, finish the wet painted surface with a brush. Recommended nozzle size for airless spray is 0.017–0.021”. Primed or previously painted surfaces are top coated 1–2 times depending on the coarseness of the surface, the colour of the substrate and/or the the coverage of the colour. Avoid overly thick paint films on log surfaces.