Teknos Futura Aqua 3

About this product:

Water-borne, full-matt, alkyd-based adhesion primer. For wooden and galvanized surfaces indoors as well as for wooden surfaces outdoors.

Technical Information

Touch Dry

1 hour


6 hours


Up to 10m2/litre



Key Benefits

  • Water-borne adhesion primer
  • Suitable for wooden and building board surfaces
  • Suitable for non-rusting metal surfaces
  • Can be used for priming plaster and filler surfaces

Product Information

  • Sizes

    10lt, 3lt, 1lt

  • Colours


Application Method

Before use stir the paint thoroughly. The paint is thinned with water 5 – 15% by volume when needed. Apply the paint once or twice with a varnish brush, mohair roller, painting pad or spray. When painting a smooth surface, e.g. flush door, the marks left by a roller may be smoothed down with painting pad or with varnish brush.