Sandtex High Build Textured Decorative Coating

About this product:

A water-borne medium to heavy textured protective and decorative finish. For use on most exterior (not textured) masonry surfaces and exterior grade building boards. Ideal for the renovation of uneven and irregular surfaces. A variety of textured finishes can be achieved using various application techniques. Awarded a British Board of Agrément Certificate for up to 15 years durability.

Technical Information

Touch Dry

4-6 hours


Up to 3kg² per litre



Key Benefits

  • Highly flexible protective coating
  • Use to create a variety of decorative effects
  • Anti-carbonation coating
  • 15 years of proven durability

Product Information

  • Sizes


  • Colours

    White, Various Colours

Application Method

Apply in one coat. Maintain a wet edge.

Hawk / Trowel & Roller: Stir well before use. Apply by hawk and trowel 1-2mm thick and texture using a Sandtex Trade High Build application roller, other texturing rollers or tools. Can be applied and textured with the Sandtex Trade High Build application roller.

Spray: Stir well before use. For spray application, prime all areas to be decorated with a matching colour of Sandtex Trade Fine Textured Matt. For best results in terms of finish, coverage, speed of application and low over spray the following set up is recommended. Use a GC 200/24 2HP compressor or larger that can continuously deliver a minimum of 80psi at 4-5 cubic feet per minute on a 3 metre (maximum) length air line to the spray gun. A GC 330 hopper feed spray gun with a 3mm air cap and tip size of 3-4mm tip size. Apply at 40psi air flow/spraying pressure with an 18” (450mm) distance from gun tip to surface being coated (target). Cover areas not to be sprayed with masking tape and wet strength masking paper or film. Spray using a ‘cross hatch’ method, i.e. horizontally and vertically to achieve a full, uniform and even texture overall. Clean the tip and air cap frequently during use to prevent blocking.