Sandtex Dirt Repellent

About this product:

A clear protective surface water-borne treatment which minimises dirt retention on all matt masonry paints. The hydrophilic properties induce rainwater to disperse evenly over the surface avoiding the formation of drops and subsequent dirt carrying runs. Will give extra protection against the future formation of organic growth.

Technical Information

Drying Time

1 hour


Up to 25m² per litre

Key Benefits

  • Contains unique coloured indicator to assist application
  • Can be used over all matt masonry paints
  • Extra protection against future formation of organic growth

Product Information

  • Sizes


Application Method

Apply in one liberal coat until suction, porous, friable or chalking surfaces are stabilised. Do not over stabilise. Apply by brush, do not thin. Apply systematically by brush or low pressure non-atomising garden spray. Ensure all areas are free from runs and / or ‘misses’. One application required.