Sadolin Floor Oil

About this product:

Sadolin Floor Oil is a high quality oil with enhanced natural protection for all oil finished wooden floors.

Technical Information

Touch Dry

2-4 hours


10-15 minutes


Up to 15m2/litre



Key Benefits

  • Use on hardwood
  • Use on softwood boards
  • Use on parquet

Product Information

  • Sizes

    1lt, 2.5lt

  • Colours


Application Method

Sadolin Floor Oil should ideally be applied onto bare timber or previously oiled surfaces. Existing varnishes or paints must be completely removed. Never use steel wool or brushes with metallic bristles. Remove wax using a chemical stripper or sharp solvent. Sweep or vacuum clean the floor. Remove any stains with a damp cloth. If necessary, use a proprietary wooden floor cleaner to remove tougher stains. Ingrained dirt may be removed by gently using a fine nylon scouring pad dipped in Sadolin Floor Oil.