Polycell Quick Set Cement Polyfilla

About this product:

A quick way to repair any masonry surface. Ideal for resetting bolts and brackets and it sets underwater making it perfect for repairing drains and pool surrounds.

Technical Information

Tools required

Eye protection, gloves, filling knife and mixing tub

Surface Dry

10 minutes

Key Benefits

  • Rock hard in minutes
  • Ideal for resetting bolts and brackets
  • Sets underwater
  • Drillable

Product Information

  • Sizes


Application Method

Ensure surface and crack are free from loose material. Thoroughly moisten the area to be repaired. Mix about 3 parts of Quick Set Cement Polyfilla to 1 part water to form a smooth paste. Apply with a trowel or knife, working well into the repair to ensure a good bond. Level off within 5 minutes before it starts to set.