Polycell Fine Surface Polyfilla

About this product:

The easy way to fill fine cracks up to 2mm, minor blemishes or wood grain for a professional, glass smooth surface for painting.

Technical Information

Tools required

Filling knife, fine sandpaper

Key Benefits

  • Apply with palette knife
  • Fills cracks up to 2mm wide
  • Professional glass smooth surface for painting

Product Information

  • Sizes

    400g tube

Application Method

Ensure surface and crack are dry and free from loose material. Rub down gloss surfaces. Touch in nails and screw heads with oil-based paint. Apply with a filling knife and spread over the surface, pressing in well. Remove any excess filler and leave to dry. For an even smoother finish rub down with fine sandpaper. Replace membrane and lid after use. Wash tools in warm water.