Little Greene Traditional Oil Primer Undercoat

About this product:

A high opacity combined primer undercoat that is suitable for both wood and metal for interior and exterior applications

Technical Information

Surface dry

4 hours


16 hours minimum


12m² per litre



Key Benefits

  • Low odour
  • Contains anti-corrosive properties
  • Excellent flow and self levelling
  • High opacity matt finish

Product Information

  • Sizes

    2.5lt, 1lt

Application Method

Stir thoroughly before use. Do not apply to surfaces when the ambient temperature is below 5o C.

Brushing: Use a high quality natural bristle brush that is suitably sized for the project at hand. New brushes should be conditioned by washing in clean white spirit and thoroughly drying with a clean, lint free, cloth. Avoid immersing brush too far into the paint to prevent paint from entering the ferrule. Avoid drips and splashes by not overloading the brush. Apply paint in even strokes and only extend painting area such that a wet edge can be easily maintained. For the highest quality appearance, keep final brush strokes all in the same direction and never go over paint that has already begun to dry. Note that some softwoods may require a 5% v/v addition of white spirit to Little Greene Primer Undercoat to ease application.

Roller: Use a short nap mohair type sleeve for best appearance on smooth surfaces. Increase nap length for textured surfaces, as appropriate, to ensure even and thorough coverage. Keep final strokes all in the same direction, maintaining a wet edge throughout. Never be tempted to go over already drying paint as this will lead to lap marking and flashing.