Jotun Jotafloor Non Slip Aggregate

About this product:

This is graded silica aggregates, designed to be spread into a desired non-skid system. Suitable as anti-skid material in a wide range of coating systems in atmospheric environments. Suitable on any type of surface, depending on the specific coating system.

Key Benefits

  • Hard wearing aggregate
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance

Product Information

  • Sizes


Application Method

If required Jotafloor Non Slip Aggregrate can be used with Jotafloor Topcoat, Jotafloor Coating and Jotafloor SL Universal. (Advice should be sought from your local Jotun office regarding application techniques as these vary slightly from product to product). Jotafloor Non Slip Aggregate is cast on to the wet first coat of the Jotafloor material until the whole surface is covered. Distribute the product from a container eg. distribution sieve, that will allow the aggregate to fall directly onto the wet coating. Once the first coat has dried, remove the excess aggregate from the surface by vacuum or sweeping. The aggregate can be reused if clean. Apply the final coat of Jotafloor material to the desired thickness