Hickson Decor Wood Stain

About this product:

Hickson Decor Wood Stain is a range of translucent finishes which will enhance the beauty of wood, allowing its natural grain to show through. All are high build, coat-on-coat products – complete finishes from a single can. They can eliminate the need for a separate primer or undercoat, although they are fully compatible with Hickson Decor Predec Primers, if required. A high solids content compared with alternative wood finishes provides a superior spreading capacity and also gives a greater film thickness and increased durability of the coating.

Technical Information

Touch dry

12 hours at 20ºC


After 24 hours


Up to 15m² per litre depending on timber

Key Benefits

  • Repels water but allows wood to breathe
  • Resists cracking, peeling and fading
  • A complete protective finish in one can
  • No primer or undercoat required
  • Low maintenance

Product Information

  • Sizes

    2.5lt, 1lt, 500ml

Application Method

New timber should be well sanded, clean, non-oily and thoroughly dry. Brush apply evenly, 2-3 coats for exterior application or interior work, leaving 24 hours between coats. Joinery supplied with a basecoat such as Hickson Predec – apply 2 brush coats leaving 24 hours between coats. Previously stained wood should be clean. Lightly sand and apply 2 coats as required, leaving 24 hours between coats. Old paint or varnish – strip back to bare wood, sand, clean and apply 2 to 3 coats leaving 24 hours between coats. Stir thoroughly before and during use.