Crown Trade Covermatt Drywall Primer

About this product:

Crown Trade Covermatt Drywall Primer has been developed to even out surface porosity on dry lined walls and ceilings. It can also be used as a mist coat for new plaster where access to water is difficult. Crown Trade Covermatt Drywall Primer provides the perfect base for first decoration products.

Technical Information

Touch Dry

1-2 hours


4 hours


Up to 15m² per litre



Key Benefits

  • Reduces the appearance of roller striping in critical lighting
  • Evens out surface porosity
  • For interior use
  • Ideal for use under Crown Trade Covermatt Obliterating Emulsion

Product Information

  • Sizes


  • Colours


Application Method

Apply one coat. Allow to dry before applying the chosen finishing coats. Stir well before use. Apply undiluted, by brush, roller or spray.