Hammerite Brush Cleaner & Thinner

About this product:

Due to the unique formulation of Hammerite Paints, brushes and equipment must be cleaned with Hammerite Brush Cleaner & Thinners. As well as cleaning brushes and equipment it also thins Hammerite Paints for spray application.

Key Benefits

  • For cleaning brushes and spills
  • Removes dirt, grim, salt and loose rust
  • The only thinner suitable for Hammerite Metal Paint

Product Information

  • Sizes

    2.5lt, 1lt

  • Colours


Application Method

To clean brushes: Brush out any excess paint then pour contents into a metal container and rinse thoroughly. To keep brushes soft, finally wash in detergent.

To thin paint for spraying with conventional spray equipment: Use 2 part of Hammerite Metal Paint to 1 part Hammerite Brush Cleaner & Thinners. Set spray gun to between 25/35psi (approximately 2 bar). Adjust spray to full fan width. Shake spray gun before and during use to ensure an even colour.