Bartoline Sugar Soap Wipes

About this product:

Bartoline Sugar Soap Wipes provide a convenient way to clean all types of painted surfaces including wood, metal and plastics prior to painting. Impregnated with a powerful degreasing rinse-free agent, which enables surfaces to be immediately painted once dry. Ideal for use by professional decorators and the DIY enthusiast. Can also be used to clean sinks and sanitary appliances, or for general kitchen cleaning.

Key Benefits

  • Convenient
  • Cleans surfaces prior to painting
  • Surfaces can be immediately painted once dry
  • Can be used for general kitchen cleaning

Product Information

  • Sizes

    80XL Tub

Application Method

Remove the lid of the container and pull off foil seal. Thread wipe from centre of roll through the opening of the lid and replace the lid. Remove wipes as required. Use wipe immediately for best results. Close lid cap immediately to prevent wipes drying out. Wipe the area to be cleaned and allow the surface to dry before painting. Repeat as necessary.