Bartoline Linseed Oil Glazing Putty (Multi-Purpose)

About this product:

Bartoline Linseed Oil Glazing Putty has been specially formulated for glazing wood and steel frames, however is equally useful as a general wood filler.

Technical Information

Working Time

4 hours

Skinning Time

2-4 days


7 days

Key Benefits

  • Use for gazing wood and metal window frames
  • Equally useful as a general wood filler
  • Used by professionals
  • High-quality

Product Information

  • Sizes

    2kg, 1kg

  • Colours

    White, Natural

Application Method

Remove all dust, grease and loose material from the rebate. Any moisture on the timber should be wiped off using a clean paper towel or other absorbent material to give a dry surface.

Check the condition of the primer on the frame, especially the rebate. Any section which has been partially missed or is considerably weathered should be re-primed before glazing. Rebates of hardwood frames which are to be protected with clear varnish should be sealed with a Timber Sealer.

Apply putty to rebate and insert setting blocks. Place pane on setting blocks, centralise, press into putty to give a back bedding of 1-2mm throughout and secure pane mechanically with clips or pins. Location blocks should be used inside hung opening windows to hold the glass in place.

Apply further fronting putty and knife at an angle finishing about 2mm below the sightline. Brush putty with a soft brush to seal to glass. Knife off back bedding, sloping away from the glass. The putty must be painted as soon as the putty has formed a skin firm enough to accept the actions of overcoating. Apply the first coat usually within 7-21 days. The final coat should be applied within 28 days.