Bartoline Border & Overlap Adhesive

About this product:

Bartoline Border and Overlap Adhesive is specially formulated for fixing decorative borders to interior surfaces, including vinyl. It has high grab properties, is easy to apply to all borders, and can also be used to re-fix torn wallcoverings.

Technical Information


Approx. 250g for a border of 10m x 13cm

Key Benefits

  • Specially formulated adhesive
  • Fixes decorative borders and wall coverings
  • Interior surfaces only
  • Easy to apply

Product Information

  • Sizes


Application Method

Can be used as a Border Adhesive or Overlap/Repair Adhesive.

For use as a Border Adhesive: Cut the border to the required length and apply adhesive along the length of border using a brush or fine spatula, spreading evenly and ensuring edges are well covered. Position border on wall and smooth down with brush or damp sponge. Take care to remove any adhesive on the wallcovering surface by gently rubbing with a damp sponge.

For use as Overlap/Repair Adhesive: Carefully apply adhesive along the length of the seam/repair. Brush down with a clean, damp sponge or paperhangers brush. Remove excess from the face of the wallcovering using a damp sponge.