Armstead Pliolite Based Masonry

About this product:

Armstead Trade Pliolite® Based Masonry Paint is a professional quality, durable solvent- based smooth masonry paint. Based on Pliolite® Acrylated Rubber resins, it provides a long lasting coating with good adhesion and resistance to moisture and alkali attack. It is easy to apply and provides good coverage. Armstead Trade Pliolite® Based Masonry Paint is much more tolerant to showery or cold weather during application than traditional water- based exterior masonry paints and can be applied to exterior masonry surfaces at virtually any time of the year.

Technical Information

Touch Dry

1-1.5 hours


12 hours


Up to 8m2/litre



Key Benefits

  • Up to 15 years protection
  • Resistant to moisture & alkali attack
  • Can be applied down to -5°C

Product Information

  • Sizes


  • Colours

    Brilliant White & Tinted Colours

Application Method

The normal finishing process is 1 or 2 coats of Armstead Trade Pliolite® Based Masonry Paint. Drying time will vary according to temperature and humidity e.g. the drying times quoted will be significantly longer in cold, damp conditions. Stir thoroughly before use.