Brushes & Rollers

We stock a wide variety of brushes, including; traditional bristle and synthetic brushes for use with solvent based and water-based wood stains, varnishes and paints.

In addition, we have brushes for; metal work, masonry, paperhanging and dusting brushes. Specialist brushes for intricate areas such as; sashes brushes for timber windows, nook and cranny brushes; angled brush head to get into the most difficult places for painting and cleaning area such as gutters and behind pipes.

We carry a range of roller sleeves designed for most types of coatings, and can be used with frames of sizes 4″, 9″ and 12”. The roller frames we supply (screw in or push in) are designed for use with extension poles to ease the application, when decorating walls, ceilings and floors.

A choice of complete trade, floor and masonry roller kits are also available.

A selection of accessories, such as; Scuttles, Roller Trays and Paint Pots.
We are stockist of the following brands of brushes and rollers; Axus, Hamilton, Kana, Prodec, and Purdy.

We supply a comprehensive range workwear, decorating tools, sundries and accessories.

  • Axus Décor
    Axus Décor
  • Hamilton
  • ProDec Advanced
    ProDec Advanced
  • Purdy